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Chochinov HM, McClement S, Hack T, Thompson G, Dufault B, Harlos M. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2014 Dec 17. pii: S0885-3924(14)00914-2. doi: 10.1016/j.jpainsymman.2014.11.291. FREE This study introduces a brief, effective means of getting personhood onto the clinical radar. Asking the Patient Dignity Question (PDQ) i.e. what do I need to know about you as a […]

Hall S, Goddard C, Martin P, Opio D, Speck P. Psychooncology. 2012. 10.1002/pon.3206 Collaborators at Kings College in London, England  published a study in the October 2012 edition of Psychooncology outlining results of a case study designed to explore in detail the impact of DT on distressed patients with advanced cancer. Dignity therapy (DT) has […]

Palliative care researchers and clinicians discuss their experience using Dignity Therapy.  Part two of two.

Palliative care researchers and clinicians discuss their experience using Dignity Therapy.  Part one of two.

Jacobson N. Qualitative Health Research. 2009; 19(11):1536-1547. This paper attempts to understand the various ways in which dignity violations may occur in health care, including factors related to work context and the relationship between health care providers and consumers. Interventions that may reduce dignity violations are discussed.

Hojat M, Vergare MJ, Maxwell K, Brainard G, Herrine SK, Isenberg GA, Veloski J, Gonnella JS. Academic Medicine. 2009; 84 (9): 1182-91. This longitudinal study found a significant decline in empathy during students’ third year of medical school. This seems counterintuitive, as this is when students often begin patient care activities. The implications are discussed. […]

Chochinov HM. JAMA. 2002;287(17):2253-2260. This article explores various aspects of dignity-conserving care, describes the Dignity Model, and shows how dignity-conserving care can be used as a principle of bedside care for patients nearing death.

Handler, Evan. Holt Paperbacks, 1997.ISBN-10: 0805050671; ISBN-13: 978-0805050677 The author discusses his leukemia diagnosis and will to survive. He describes his experiences with the medical world, which seems sometimes uncaring and sometimes compassionate, as well as his survival strategies.   Copy (2) of New OpenDocument Text.doc

Diamond, John. Vermilion, 1999.ISBN-10: 0091816653; ISBN-13: 978-0091816650John Diamond provides an honest, step by step account of his cancer diagnosis and treatment.   Copy (2) of New OpenDocument Text.doc

Fishman, Steve. Avon Books, 1990. ISBN-10: 0380708981; ISBN-13: 978-0380708987 After being diagnosed with a massive brain hemorrhage, the author reflects on his hospital life and sometimes unfortunate encounters with various medical specialties.